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Innisfree eau de parfum 
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Innisfree eau de parfum

A magical fruit and floral fragrance: Lightness, freshness and youthful zest which devlop into a classically elegant and very rich woody floral perfume of great depth and transparency.


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Innisfree Perfume

The perfume, through a beautiful representation of Ireland, encapsulates and mirrors the unique emotional experience that is in the W.B.Yeats poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" - a copy of which, can be found inside.

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Product Reviews
Love my Innisfree Posted by Elaine Graham on 16/09/2016
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"I have been wearing Innisfree since 1998 on a trip to Ireland and have always been complimented as to how lovely the scent is. Many friends have now purchased it as well. Just love my Innisfree."
InnisFree is the one for me Posted by Teresa Duffus on 17/05/2014
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"I worked at St.Annes in Houston,Texas. A co-worker went home for the holiday and brought me back a bottle of InnisFree for Christmas. I have loved the fragrance every since. The British Isles shop is located in an excellent area and I love shopping there for my parfumerie spray."
Posted by Giny on 10/05/2014
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"Bought it on our holiday in Ireland at Moll's Gap. Very glad to see I can buy it online. Now I will never have to do without it anymore. I love it."
Posted by John on 15/08/2012
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"My wife discovered this perfume a few years back on a trip to Dublin. Has been her favourite ever since! Pity we can't seem to find it for sale in Scotland but always get first class service through"
Compliments galore Posted by Harriette Majoros on 29/02/2012
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"I have always wanted to try Innisfree, having seen it advertised in various Irish publications I recieve but was leary until in Ireland last May. I was just blown away by this. I have been a user for over 30 yrs of the same perfume and have given it up for this. Women like it, Men like it, and I love it.
I would like to be able to let you take a sniff of this review to impress you with smell computer but that is not possible. Do not be afraid to try it blindly - it will not disappoint."
Nature and seduction in a scent that entices and ellures. Posted by Scott and Mary Grigsby-Lehmann on 29/01/2012
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"My wife, and I, discovered this wonderful, unique and evocative scent while on our third cycling trip around the Emerald Isle, this most recent one to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. This bouquet of so many well blended natural fragrances, some recognizable and others softly mysterious, captivated us instantly. A perfume my wife enrobes herself in on a very regular basis. A touch of the Isle with us here in Canada. . . .We will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree . . . "
So Exited. Posted by Brenda on 13/07/2011
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"I first found innisfree in Ireland about 15 years ago when I visited a friend there. Some how it was lost and I had not been able to find it. Until the other day, I was in an Irish store in Portsmouth NH. And I found It. Can't tell you how Exited I was to find it. I can't wait to wear it every day. It is such a beautiful sent.. I LOVE Innisfree"
Reliving Ireland Posted by Chris on 20/12/2010
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"The fragnance is a sweet reminder of my first visit to the beautiful Inch Beach in Ireland"
My favourite Perfume Posted by mary James on 17/12/2010
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"I first bought Innisfree when I was on retreat in Knock many years agoI I buy it when I visit ireland.I have not been to Ireland for a while and have difficulty buying it.Please help I have tried to buy it on Amazon but no luck."
Love it!!! Posted by Laurie on 15/11/2010
Rating  {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
"Found it in an Irish store in Gettysburg, PA and had to have it!!!!"
Love It! Posted by G. Kelly, FL on 20/08/2010
Rating  {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
"I found this perfume in a wonderful little celtic store. I fell in love the scent. But went home without it, my husband ordered from the store the next day. Glad he did! "
Posted by Lorri on 07/05/2010
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"I have been wearing this perfume for 20 years & I wont wear anything else. So many people ask me what it is."
Innisfree Posted by Leslie McLaurin on 20/03/2010
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"Innisfree - Clean, lovely, distinctive. I've worn this scent for more than 10 years. I have had people stop and ask me what it is.....thank you for making this available in the USA. "
Nice Posted by MarilynM on 05/03/2010
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"Rated it 5 star UNTIL I experienced Connemara which I really love. However, this is a very nice scent that I'll enjoy wearing in warmer months. Each layer of notes offers a new experience. "
Wonderful Posted by Carol Engler on 17/02/2010
Rating  {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
"I visited Ireland and picked this up for my daughter. It's her favorite. such a nice light scent."
so nice Posted by Caroline on 29/01/2010
Rating  {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
"I first tested Innisfree one year on holidays with my parents. I didn't like it straight away, but about an hour after I had sprayed it it was so nice. Ever since I have been a big fan of Innisfree. A lot of perfumes give me a headache, but Innisfree is perfect."
Inisfree Posted by Mary White on 02/12/2009
Rating  {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
"Innisfree has always been my favourite perfume and I am using it now for many years. Its rich, lingering scent never ceases to uplift me - I love it!"